best-local-seo-companyIf you read SEO rule #2 in the previous blog post, you know that value-based content marketig is NOT writing pages just for search engines.  The challenge is to define a content plan and strategy that will provide valuable content for your business and for your customers.  Search engine optimization rule # three is that foundational SEO is more important than ever and engaging with a local SEO services company will help you achieve your goals.  We define foundational SEO as Adaptive SEO which addresses all aspects of an effective website that is both optimized for search engines and for human visitors.

In order to develop a stellar content marketing strategy and plan, it’s critical to understand what you currently have and do a through audit of your website optimization activities:

  • Evaluate the types of content you have on your site
  • Decide if the content is worthwhile or needs improvement
  • Technically evaluate your website structure for dublicate content, missing links, or anything broken that may be hurting your rankings
  • Analyze your existing links to determine which are good and which should be removed
  • Check all your metadata and make sure different for every page and optimzied geographically for local businesses
  • Make sure your on page factors are good such as H1 and H2 tags with minimal internal links
  • Is your address and phone number visible and easily seen on every page?
  • Check your analytics and evaluate bounce rates and other criteria

Be sure to read the blogs on SEO rules one and two and download our e-book on SEO Myths: